You know those drawers in the bottom of the refrigerator, designed to keep all the fruit and vegetables in one organized and humidity-controlled place… Am I the only one whose “crispers” should be called “slimers”? — Oh-oh, I bought that bunch of arugula last week… or was it the week before? — I’ll bet that never happens to Maria, my new favourite Organizing Guru.

4 Steps to An Organized Refrigerator

by Maria Gracia

A healthy and stress-free life can start in your kitchen. Here are 4 steps to getting your refrigerator organized.

  1. TOSS.
    Immediately toss out any food that is spoiled, has an expired date, is unidentifiable or that nobody in your family is ever going to want again. The same goes for the freezer.
  2. CLEAN.
    Moving your items from one shelf to the next, empty off each shelf one at a time and wipe clean. Scrape off any leftover bits of food and wipe up any spills. Do the same for the interior refrigerator door and drawers.
    Designate shelves for different categories. Milk, juice and soda bottles on the top shelf. Foods ready to eat (leftovers or foods that need no cooking) on the second shelf. Unprepared foods that need to be cooked on the third shelf. Soda cans and heavy items on the bottom shelf. Veggies and fruits in the produce drawer. Condiments on the interior door.
    Remove all loose papers from the outside of your refrigerator. Toss out anything that is outdated. Put coupons into a coupon organizer. Recipes you’re definitely going to prepare, should be placed in a recipe file. Place other papers into a Tickler File or a filing cabinet.

by Maria Gracia – Get Organized Now!
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