September 2007 calendar Ooh boy, is this ever a Monday!

Up half the night with bizarre bad dreams — don’t ask — and then HHHTPT and I had a rather heated difference of opinion about the cellar steps (again, don’t ask) — and in general the day is just plain cold and raw and grey. I ache in my very bones with fatigue.

But did I go crawl back into bed?

Because this was Day 10 of the 4-Week Walk for Weight Loss, and no flippin’ way was I going to mess it up now! (Besides, I’d have to confess it, if I slipped up … embarrassing, not to mention letting down out little online walking club.)

So, I went out to walk. Fortunately, I didn’t have to actually think a whole lot about the walking plan for today. The plan calls for another day of fat-blasting interval training, so that meant I strapped on the sneakers and walked three cycles of the fast/slow pace — just like yesterday.

And a funny thing happened.

Somewhere in the middle of the second “active rest” walk, I started feeling a whole lot better about the day…

Day 10:
5-10 minute warm-up
1 minute at level 7-8
2 minutes at level 5
(repeat fast/slow cycle x 3)
5-10 minute cool-down

I’m sure it’s nothing like the “runner’s high” that you hear people talking about, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just delirium due to oxygen depletion (I was a bit out of breath, going up the hill). But whatever it was, it sure felt good to be feeling so good on a Monday!

A thing I like about this Walk for Weight Loss plan is that the program mixes things up a bit… One day there’s a longer walk at a steady pace, to built up the heart and lungs and stamina. Another day, there’s a round of body-shaping exercises that only takes 10 minutes, followed by another walk. And then there are these interval walks, which boot the metabolism up into high gear to really burn off that belly fat.

Not boring, anyway — and that’s an important thing in any exercise plan!

Read the whole 4-Week Walk series!

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