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4-Week Walk: Day 3

September 2007 calendar The third day of my 4-Week Walk for Weight Loss turns out to be a bit challenging. Today’s job is to accelerate your burn. No way that sounds at all comfortable! And it’s raining. And not a nice, gentle, soft summer rain — one of those cold hard rains that warn us that autumn is coming…

Luckily, yesterday was a no-walking day so I’m well-rested, and this comes early enough in the walking program that my motivation is very high.

So I grab a chunk of skim-milk cheese for energy (who invented that stuff? I’m going back to the extra-old cheddar, saturated fat content be damned!) and lace on the sneakers…

Day 3:
5-10 minute warm-up
1 minute at level 7-8
2 minutes at level 5
(repeat fast/slow cycle x 3)
5-10 minute cool-down

Short quick step, elbows pumping, heart thumping away and breath coming fast… then an “active cool-down” just long enough that I don’t pass out… then back to high-effort speed walking again… and slow down… and speed up… yeah, this feels like a work-out!

This is what they call “interval training” and it’s designed to give a kick-boost to your metabolism, to help burn fat a bit faster. It also makes the walking time more interesting, to be changing the pace every few minutes in this way.

(Give careful thought to your choice of underwear, by the way, if you’re going to be walking at any good speed. Jiggling leads to chafing — and both are to be avoided!)

Less than a half-hour later, I’m back and cuddled up with a cup of tea, towelling off my wet hair. There’s something to be said for this “accelerating the burn” business, especially in cool weather. I can’t begin to tell you how fit and active it’s making me feel already, just totally glowing with good health!

But Day 3 is far too soon to be feeling all smug and virtuous, I know, I know. Let’s see how the next few days go…

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