I’ve been tagged by Diva Days to list four of my favourite jobs, four of my favorite local places, four of my favourite foods, and four of my favorite international places… and then tag four other people for the meme.

Um, if anyone’s expecting a stunning insight into the life and mind of a Domestik Goddess, I’m afraid there’s going to be quite a disappointment — my answers are not terribly exciting…

Nevertheless, here they are:

1. Four of my favourite jobs:

• Dog walker (my first job, aged 7 — I was paid 10 cents every day for walking a little old lady’s Scottie dog)
• Health food store clerk
• Library assistant (surround me with books, I’m happy!)
• Freelance writer/editor

baby birds - one of the reasons I like the outdoors2. Four of my favorite local places:

• Garden centre
• Bath tub
• Coffee shop down at the gas station
• Anywhere outdoors

3. Four of my favourite foods:

• Greek salad
Cinnamon buns
• Fresh homemade bread
• Cheese

4. Four of my favorite international places:

• Costa Almeria, Spain
• Yorkshire moors, UK (what’s left of them)
• Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine, USA
Yagul, Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico

And now, according to the rules, I should name four people to tag. But you know, I am afraid that I’m in grave danger of really ticking off a lot of people I like and respect, if I keep on tagging busy bloggers for meme after meme… So I’m going to cheat here and say — if you’d like to play along, please do consider yourself tagged!

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  1. kellypea

    Hi Jen,
    You’ve really visited some lovely places! I love the picture of the bird — in your yard? How sweet! And I have to do the same things with memes. I worry about tagging people too muc

  2. domestika

    @Diva, hope you don’t mind me doing a big global tag thing – at least this way no one feels left out. Ok, maybe that’s just my excuse for laziness… and I’m shy, too, you know…

    @Jean, oh yeah, “diverse interests”! – that’s such a kind and diplomatic way to word it! So glad I found your terrific blog this morning – it’s funny, smart, creative, an all-round energy-booster!

  3. Jean

    you rule!!! I love your blog! you have such diverse interests!


  4. Diva

    That is a good idea and one that I think I will use from now on. I think tagging is good to help people with bloggers block, which I appreciate. On the other hand, some ‘memes’ give insights into the person behind the blog that you would not otherwise get. Thanks for playing along.

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