Cindy has a lovely lemon theme going on in her “Romantic Home” and has shared some photographs of her favourite pieces.

I’m equally charmed by her pretty white three-tiered serving dish (Cindy heaps it with realistic-looking faux lemons and limes in the summertime) — and this kitchen chalkboard, made by her father and crowned with a lemon garland.

Look at the way the tendrils of the vine pick up on that fine detail on the corners of the frame. Perfect, isn’t it?

It’s more common to see apples or strawberries for a fruit theme in home decor, here in Canada, but those happy lemons do give a bright “twist” (forgive the pun!) to a refreshing blue-and-white colour scheme…

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Really, you have two main style choices in going for a lemon theme, both equally attractive but in different moods. Go bright and bold — or subtle and nostalgic —

This lemon switchplate (Stowe Craft Design) shows the bold option — strong clear colours, with a Deflt or cobalt blue and true lemon yellow as the accents against a relatively pure bright white, the lines clearly defined and the lemons in a stylized form… lemon theme napkin and switchplate

Or try the same three colours — white, blue, and yellow — toned down for more of a feeling of French Country Antique, as in this La Frutta lemon print fabric for window treatments and table linens.

Either way, lemons make an easy light-hearted theme that wears well from season to season. In summer, keep it spare and clean — like Cindy’s white bowl of fruit. In winter, play up those lemons with a shot of antique gold or rich burgundy against a warm creamy white, nestled among evergreen boughs on a mantelpiece or as a luscious tabletop arrangement to welcome guests.

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  1. Home accessories passionate

    I think that lemon themes are very useful in home decor. In very simple way you can make your kitchen or living room brighter just by putting a few bowls with those fruits :)

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