Samurai Fan Katana Sword I’m going to get into so much trouble with DJ for posting this — putting temptation in the poor man’s path! — but who could resist?

Besides, I’m sure there’s someone with a wannabe-Samurai Dad out there just desperate for a Father’s Day gift idea with more originality to it than a comic necktie or golf gear.

This is the Damascus Blade Japanese Samurai Fan Katana Sword from Handmade Sword, a thing of great beauty hand forged from a rich historical tradition.

It’s also a very real sword — “razor sharp” and not in any way a toy.
Just so you know.

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  1. Lol… no women attracted by the sword.

    I kept it inside a red tube and everyone thought there were paintings. I guess I would have attract more policemen than women if I showed it around.

  2. domestika

    @Gui, I’m sure what the other guys really want to know is – did your Spanish sword help you to attract women as you wandered around Europe?

    @Ken, whittle? Not without losing some vital body parts, I’d wager.

    @DJ, please note that I am in *no way* encouraging you to spend large sums on attractive and impractical weaponry-art! This is for aesthetic appreciation only. (I knew this would get me in trouble!)

  3. The Actual DJ

    It is be-you-tiff-yl!

    Although I cannot adequately express how much I appreciated being pointed to a web site full of lovely things I want that has a sub-section on the left bar titled “[objects d’art] over $10,000”.

    Merci! (Note ironic use of snooty French, there. It shows the dichotomy of my feelings).

    Target Audience

  4. Ken MacKeigan

    I lust in my heart for for that piece of art! Sadly, though beautiful, it is hardly practical. You couldn’t even whittle with it.

  5. Oh, that is a beauty!

    I used to have a Katana that I bought in Spain 10 years ago. Back then, you could travel with a sword without too much fear of being mistaken for a terrorist. But I gave it to my bother in law the last time I moved, since it had become a dead weight for me and he liked it more.

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