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Advent Calendar Elves

advent calendar elf dolls

These child-sized elf dolls in cute country style are actually Advent calendars from Denmark. Count down to Christmas with tiny gifts hidden in the elves’ numbered pockets, and hang a holiday ornament on their metal rings for each day in December.

Boy Elf or Girl Elf styles, cotton fabric exterior with polyfil stuffing, are handsewn from Maileg of Denmark and available in limited quantities.

Where to buy? Find them at Garnett Hill (unique designs) or Calendar Elf/Pixie Boy and Calendar Elf/Pixie Girl designs at Fjorn Scandinavian.

You’ll also find some styles of Maileg at Amazon.com – I just spotted Maileg’s tall skinny Santa Claus Advent Calendar very much like the Elf characters, and some really cute pieces that aren’t actually Advent calendars but soft sculpture fabric decor pieces in this same wonderful elongated style.

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  • Mouse 2010/10/15, 12:46 pm

    love these. wish they were cheaper. now $88 t Garnet Hill per latest catalog.

  • domestika 2007/09/20, 10:21 am

    Sigurd Hadland, thanks for the information! I’ve edited the post to add your information. It’s been some months since I visited Fjorn.com so I’m very happy to be reminded to go have a look at what’s new and lovely there, too… : ) Jen

  • Sigurd Hadland 2007/09/20, 1:13 am

    We also carry these Advent Calendar Elves or Pixies at our store. The Garnet Hill does have an exclusive on the 2004 pattern and we offer both the 2006 and 2007 designs. We also offer 16 different Danish Pixies also by Maileg of Denmark. Takk!

  • domestika 2007/09/16, 11:09 pm

    Yeah, I may have to make something like this… Can you imagine an Advent calendar angel along these lines, with lots of white cotton eyelet and tiny pearl beads? Or, if there’s already a long-legged ragdoll in the house, maybe just to sew up a new outfit with 24 tiny pockets…

  • Anne Maybus 2007/09/16, 8:25 pm

    I love these. How cute are they?

  • Neena 2007/09/16, 1:11 am

    Now, these are rather festive – and could work with the right decor. I wonder if these elves are a Denmark tradition in homes during the holidays.

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