advent calendar elf dolls

These child-sized elf dolls in cute country style are actually Advent calendars from Denmark. Count down to Christmas with tiny gifts hidden in the elves’ numbered pockets, and hang a holiday ornament on their metal rings for each day in December.

Boy Elf or Girl Elf styles, cotton fabric exterior with polyfil stuffing, are handsewn from Maileg of Denmark and available in limited quantities.

Where to buy?

I first spotted the Maileg Pixy countdown dolls at Garnett Hill (unique designs) and found the Calendar Elf/Pixie Boy and Calendar Elf/Pixie Girl designs at Fjorn Scandinavian, but neither of those outlets seem to carry the dolls any more.

Fortunately, it is still possible to find them for sale online.

You’ll find some styles of Maileg at Amazon (both seasonal and all-season decor); some even come with an offer of free shipping, depending on the item and the season as well as your location, which is kind of a nice bonus when it works out.

In fact, I just spotted Maileg’s tall skinny Santa Claus figure there – very much like the boy and girl Elf characters in style – as well as the Advent Pixy elves (both boy and girl figures, last time I checked) themselves.   Maileg also has some really cute pieces on Amazon that aren’t actually Advent calendars but soft sculpture fabric decor pieces in this same wonderful elongated style, great for decorative accents all year round. I especially like the mouse and elf figures for a baby’s room, or for a touch of whimsy to welcome guests in an entryway.  What appeals most? It’s got to be that distinctive blend of sophisticated nordic design and charming country style – perfect for a casual family home and especially at the Christmas holidays.

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  1. Pami GREEN

    Amazingly, I found the girl pixie at out local Goodwill store. She really caught my eye! I purchased her for about $5.00 us. When I noticed the tag on her wrist, I looked up the Maileg name and was shocked to see what she was actually worth! I love her and have had her hanging every December.

  2. Kathy

    Where do you get these advent dolls? They are really cool. I hope I can find one for next Christmas. Please respond so I can find one before next Christmas. Thanks!! :)

    1. Domestik Goddess

      Hi Kathy, aren’t they cute? Right now, your best chance is to find one on Amazon (links in article have been updated to take you to the current listings there), as the shops where I first saw the Advent Pixy figures are not carrying them this year. You might also be able to find one on eBay, possibly… though I didn’t find any there when I checked earlier this week. The online auctions are always changing so you never know when an elf girl may show up for sale there, maybe. If you definitely need to get one for sure, however, they are currently available on Amazon – at least, for the moment!

      1. Kathy

        Hi it is Kathy and could you send my a picture of the angel elf doll

  3. Mouse

    love these. wish they were cheaper. now $88 t Garnet Hill per latest catalog.

  4. domestika

    Sigurd Hadland, thanks for the information! I’ve edited the post to add your information. It’s been some months since I visited so I’m very happy to be reminded to go have a look at what’s new and lovely there, too… : ) Jen

  5. Sigurd Hadland

    We also carry these Advent Calendar Elves or Pixies at our store. The Garnet Hill does have an exclusive on the 2004 pattern and we offer both the 2006 and 2007 designs. We also offer 16 different Danish Pixies also by Maileg of Denmark. Takk!

  6. domestika

    Yeah, I may have to make something like this… Can you imagine an Advent calendar angel along these lines, with lots of white cotton eyelet and tiny pearl beads? Or, if there’s already a long-legged ragdoll in the house, maybe just to sew up a new outfit with 24 tiny pockets…

  7. Neena

    Now, these are rather festive – and could work with the right decor. I wonder if these elves are a Denmark tradition in homes during the holidays.

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