fred-abc-gingerbread-man-cookiesYou know it’s going to happen anyway. Before their little sugar-icing buttons have had time to set, at least one of those poor little gingerbread-man cookies is bound to lose his head. Or arm. Or leg.

If you don’t drop one on his head on his way from cookie sheet to cooling rack (my specialty), someone is going to sneak in and grab a quick bite. So go ahead, go with the flow — make those gingerbread men as nature intended to begin with.

Headless and/or partially dismembered.

Fred ABC Gingerbread Man cooie cutter setHere are Fred’s ABC cookie cutters — where ABC stands for “Already Been Chewed.”  I think you’ll know how best to use them.

No questions asked.  Just, be sure to eat all the evidence.

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  1. domestika

    Halloween-ification — Amanda, that’s sheer genius!!
    Now I don’t feel nearly so bad about missing the Talk Like a Pirate Day opportunities for this one — but watch out, next year, I’m bringing out the little toothpick wooden legs and dob-of-icing eye patches for these tasty little guys!

  2. Amanda Nicole

    Exactly! I just had an idea: Halloween-ify these with bloody stumps and “X” eyes, as a crossover between the holidays, a la Nightmare Before Christmas! REALLY creep your co-workers out at that Halloween party.

  3. domestika

    @DJ, you’ll never know how close I came to putting these cookie cutters on the list — and if each style had been sold separately, I would have, too!

    @Amanda, can’t you imagine the double-take from the guests? I especially like the little frownie-face on the gingerbread man who *hasn’t* lost his head (yet).

    Do these remind anyone else of the gingerbread man in Shrek, or is that just me?

  4. Amanda Nicole

    Haha, oh, I love them! These would be great to bring to a holiday gathering and set amongst all the perfectly unbitten goodies.

  5. The Actual DJ

    For _some_ reason, I find the “one-leg” guy very, very interesting.

    I wonder why…

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