Whimsical Cat Pedestal BirdbathSpotted at Modern Artisans, just look at this whimsical cat theme birdbath! It’s a Don Drumm design, handcrafted in North Carolina.

Although it is a true attention-getter as a birdbath, the pedestal and bowl are equally at home indoors or on a patio filled with fruit, candy or floating candles.

The tripod base is fabricated in heavy galvanized steel with a smooth clean weather-proof surface and stands 24 inches high, with a 19-inch bowl. The frosted glass bowl is nice and modern — but do bring it in before the end of gardening season freeze-up, of course, if you live in a harsh climate.

Outside the garden season, enjoy it indoors –  decorate the sunroom or foyer, or perhaps place a circle of plexi or smooth waxed wood on top, to convert your gorgeous cat birdbath into an equally gorgeous wee table to catch your keys and wine glass and loveletters and cat treats.

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