My friend’s sister, Christie, is the undisputed Queen of cute miniature Christmas village displays. People come from miles around and bring their kids to her house to ooh and ahh over the decorations.

I kid you not, it takes her the better part of a month to set everything up!

Every main room of Christie’s house is filled with tables and shelves, each holding a perfectly detailed winter scene, and the whole thing joined by scale-model train tracks, along which Santa travels in a tiny model train.

Snow Real artificial snow on model villageEach miniature layout is from a different time period or a different part of the world, but all are perfect in every detail.

The only thing that she’s never been satisfied with is the craft products available in the line of artificial snow. She’s used everything from cotton batting to potato flakes (her dog liked that experiment!) to the nasty spray-on stuff and the spun fibres they call “angel hair”… but nothing’s really done it for her so far.

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So, you can see why I thought of Christie and her obsessive urge to decorate for Christmas when I saw the announcement for this new Snow Real:

…instant decorative snow that can be used for home décor, holiday displays, table centerpieces, silk flower or candle arrangements, school projects and much more. Each package of Snow Real, mixed with water, makes two quarts of incredibly fluffy and glistening product, just like real snow. After several days simply mist the snow with water to continue the beautiful look of Snow Real… non-toxic and environmentally safe.

This product received the “Creative Arts Member Tested Seal of Approval” after being tested and rated by more than 600 members for performance, package design, quality, ease of use and other criteria.

I have to be clear that I haven’t tested this myself, however — anything that looks remotely like snow (with the exception of yummy frozen desserts) can stay out of my house! We get far too much of the real honest-to-goodness white stuff around here, as it is!

That said, and my curmudgeonly sniff about snow aside, Christie is going to be very excited to learn about this Snow Real thing. If it’s as easy to use as they say, who knows? It could free her up to collect and set up a dozen more miniature scenees for her ever-expanding Christmas fantasy world. .. and that’s a Joyful Thing.

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