Asleep Awake Bunny Sign for Nursery Door Is the baby awake or asleep?

Should we tiptoe around or is it okay to crank up the tunes?

Ask the nursery doorhanger!

There’s nothing like a simple sign for the nursery door to solve the communication problem, and make sure the baby will get his nap time.

Felt wool pillows embroidered with a sweet bunny face hang from stretchable loops that will fit any size of door knob or hook, while the swivel hardware that lets you flip the sign without taking it off the door. Think of the standard hotel’s “do not disturb” door-hanger… only, you know, all soft and cute for a baby.

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Tree by Kerri Lee is the label, and the pillowy fabric door signs are also available in equally cute owl and bird designs, in less girly colors.

DIY idea for crafters who hate to sew:
Use a hot-glue gun to stick together a couple squares of felt or fleece (any type of fabric that won’t ravel at the edges), leaving one edge open to stuff in a little fibrefill soft-toy stuffing or quilt batting to give it a bit of a poof. Use purchased appliques or fabric paint to make the bunny faces. Or, you know, to add an owl or bird design… or whatever animal best suits your nursery theme.

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