Silk Baby BeddingSilk is naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s a healthy alternative to traditional duvets, pillows and linen for allergy sufferers, or anyone who finds themselves waking up all snuffly in the morning. Besides that, silk has a remarkable ability to be either cool or warm, depending on what temperature your room and body are — my best-loved winter underwear for skiiing and other snow sports is made of silk for just that reason.

Gingerlily, in the UK but happy to ship its goodies worldwide, makes gorgeous silk bedding, and I’ve got my eye on a 70-30 silk-cotton sleeping bag for babies for a gift the next time a good friend gives birth. Clever design, there’s a double zipper so you can change the baby’s diaper without having to take him or her all the way out of the cosy sleeping bag.

True, silk is a luxury fabric and some of us tend to be hesitant about it because we think it might be difficult to care for. Actually, the baby sleeping bag is machine washable (use tepid water) and you can tumble it dry by machine on the cool setting.

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