Natalie Kruch balloons stoolIf I were to tie 500 deflated balloons around a bright pink painted wooden stool, you just know it would look unbelievably lame.

At Unica Home, however, Natalie Kruch’s Balloona Stool Confetti is sheer brilliance — “making the ordinary both intriguing and beautiful.”

I first read about Natalie Kruch and her colourful creation last year sometime, just a little snippet in Canadian Interiors.

She was just about to graduate from the University of Alberta’s Departments of Art and Design, and the stool (which started out life as an occasional table) had been picked up by Umbra when it was exhibited at Toronto’s Interior Design Show! Now, that’s an appropriately uplifting story for such a funky-cheerful piece of furniture, isn’t it?

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  1. 80sMom

    what a cool stool! If I had that, my kids would probably get the bright idea to try and blow up all the balloons ;-)

    Thanks for a nice blog!

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