Gorgeous to look at, yet hard-working and eco-friendly, and totally at home in any decor setting… I can’t believe it’s not hardwood!

Bamboo is set to become the new hardwood as well as the new hemp, it seems.

And we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of delightfully versatile bamboo in home decor products and designs, through the coming months.

See, as more and more of us join the push for sustainable products — and by the way, that’s a huge trend for sure — the big corporations are looking for ways to manufacture their products without cutting down the forests that give us breathable air and (it is to be hoped) mitigate against the threat of global warming…

  • Cut down a tree, and you’ve got a dead stump.
  • Cut down a swath of bamboo, and it grows back up from the roots — fast!

It’s all great news for home decorators — another string to our bow, and a whole new range of environmentally friendly products to play with.

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Bamboo has certainly come a long way from ticky-tacky Tiki Room bar decor or snakcs for the Giant Panda. Just for starters, check out the beautiful high-end bar cart from Totally Bamboo, and see if you could tell that it’s made from a hollow kind of grass!

P.S. to anyone planning a home renovation project —
New and hot, also from Totally Bamboo, is a kitchen countertop material made of cross-laminated strips of bamboo — gorgeous, versatile, sustainable, and (with a rating of 16% harder than maple) maybe just about as durable as it gets!

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