Here’s a little contest for my American friends who are into the great traditional art of applying fire to meat:

Just post your favourite knock-their-socks-off barbeque recipe, with a link to the iBuyBarbeques website, for a chance to win $400.

That could buy enough burgers to see you through the end of grilling season, I’m thinking! And if you’re one of the first 50 to submit your entry, my buddy Dan will send you $10 as a little thank-you gift. The price of your condiments, or a few cold bevvies for your BBQ enjoyment?

The contest runs from September 1, 2008 at 12:01 AM and ends at 12:01 on November 1, 2008, with the winning entry judged on quality and originality of recipe as well as the creativity and presentation of the entry. You can find the full contest rules here.

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  1. domestika

    Reformed carnivore Chris Perrin has reminded me that I’ve got a bit of a Fred Flintstone brontosaurus ribs BBQ bias going on here… so let me just say this about that:
    Yes, vegetarians can BBQ with the best of them! :)

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