bead journal - beading as cancer therapy

When jewellery-crafter and artist Tracy found out that she had breast cancer, she felt like she had “fallen in a hole, and couldn’t get out — couldn’t get happy again”… 100% understandable, with such life-changing news.

It was her husband who had the idea for a representation of a ladder, an image that helped Tracy to climb out of that hole of unhappiness while she created a stunning piece of beaded art.

Mostly done improvisationally, this is my first completed bead embroidery piece. Miscellaneous seedy-beads, some Swarovski crystals, and one special (to me -– thank you Sander!) faceted hessonite garnet.

click to fight breast cancer

As we move toward October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think of my sister-in-law who just got that diagnosis that every woman dreads to hear… and I think of Jane, my friend lost to breast cancer, of whom I’ve written before… and Tracy’s brave beautiful beading declaration of hope and strength — the glittering ladder reaching up to the stars — is just tremendously moving.

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  1. domestika

    All through October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), I do enjoy seeing/hearing all the various media stories (and blog notes, too, like Lin’s pledge to make a donation for a comment) about all the different things that people are doing to raise funds and raise awareness of breast cancer — a different kind of inspiration, but inspiration it is!

  2. Sharon

    It’s really interesting how we can get so much inspiration even when life deals us a bad hand.

    I really like the symbolic and literal use of the ladder to inspire the artist.

  3. Malcolm

    I’m thinking that she is strong enough to be the foundation for that ladder of hope.


  4. domestika

    Lovely of the Sun Singer author to say so, Malcolm! But I do think the real hope and beauty lies in the beadwork art, and in the strong woman who created it…

  5. Malcolm

    I really like your phrase “the glittering latter reaching up to the stars.” There’s so much hope and beauty in that thought!


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