Can we forgive a semi-tacky website, if it’s showcasing a very cool product? Yep, when it’s NeatSheets –  “as seen on TV,” as the saying goes. And what the heck are NeatSheets, you may well ask?

Fitted bed sheets with a side pocket!

Two pockets, actually, with elastic at the top… a bit like some models of recliners are made with a pocket on the outer side to hold your magazines and empty chip bags. Same concept. Except, of course, in a fitted sheet.

Now, this just makes such good sense to me – pockets to stash all that stuff your cat likes to knock off the nightstand, like tissues, phone, flashlight, iPod, all that kind of can’t-go-to-bed-without-it stuff. You can keep all your necessaries so conveniently close to hand, if you’re lounging in bed on the weekend or home sick with the sniffles. And for me, as for other writers, who doesn’t love the idea of a convenient place to stash your notebook and pen –  you know, for those middle of the night inspirations?

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Prices start at US $50-ish for twin size (as of this writing), which is certainly not out of line for 200-plus thread count cotton bedding with French seams and all that sort of dainty detail. Your friendly neighbourhood  Domestik Goddess has no problem shelling out the clams for a lovely set of sheets – if sheets are actually needed.

But what if you’ve already got enough sheets, and you’re just craving those pockets?

Idea: DIY Bed Sheet Pockets

She who walks on the frugal side – and/or has limited space for linens storage – might think about just taking a fitted bed sheet already on hand and adding a handy pocket to the side.

Even a beginner at sewing can hem a rectangle, fold it over at one long edge to make a casing for a piece of elastic, and sew the pocket onto the side of a fitted sheet.


And if our stitches aren’t perfectly even and tidy, hey – who’s going to notice in the dark?

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  1. Domestik Goddess

    That’s a funny coincidence, Honeybee! Oh well, I’m sure you’ll come up with another great idea in time, since you thought of pockets in bed sheets. Good luck! :-)

  2. Honeybee

    I actually just google searched fitted bed sheet pocket because I was just in bed and the idea hit me, so I wanted to see of it had already been invented . Sadly for me it has. Oh well. ;)

  3. Wimbledon

    We are very curious if anyone ever bought such sheets and if they do what are they storing in the pockets? Really doubtful that there are people who in the middle of night turn the lights on and wake up their partner just to write few sentences in a notepad just because they can store one in the pocket of their bed sheet. At least we can save 50 bucks if we really want pockets on our bed sheets thanks to your advice.

    1. Tracy Feldman

      My husband and I bought on Amazon bought a bamboo bottom sheet with storage pockets. They are very simple (no elastic in the pocket). We LOVE them. Since we have charging stations, we don’t store our electronics in them. But, we both wear glasses, and I don’t know how many pairs of our glasses have gotten scratched in the past because I missed when putting them on the night stand, or went to pick them up (or got bent because we fell asleep with them on and rolled on them in the night). Now, we each slip our glasses int he simple pocket and we no longer need to worry about those problems. I like it so much I thought, “I should order more.” Then, I realized that it would be much simpler to measure the size of the pocket, use that as a pattern to cut out pockets from old sheets that got damaged over the years, and then sew them on to my existing bottom sheets. Thanks, for writing about this and having an image of another style of pocket. It gives me confidence that I too can modify my existing sheet sets instead of replacing them.

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