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Clearly the Best Kitchen iPad Stand for Small Spaces

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack / Stand / Holder by Kitchen Acrylics

See-through acrylic Kitchen accessories give a sense of space in a small space, and a tablet can easily replace that stack of old cookbooks that clutter you space. Put the two together, and you’ve got a clear winner in kitchen tools.

Efficiency! Style! Convenience!

The absolute best kitchen iPad stand in its class is the Original Kitchen Rack by Kitchen Acrylics, in my humble opinion, and  – stick with me here – I’ll tell you why this little gizmo gets a rave review.

Of course I don’t need to tell you that more and more of us are spending a lot of our leisure time in the kitchen these days, hanging out with the family, cooking, snacking, and even entertaining friends in that warm-hearted casual space.  And naturally,  more of us are using our iPads in the kitchen too – who wouldn’t, with all the great recipe apps, video tutorials and cooking shows, and friends on Facebook ready to talk you through a tricky bit of the culinary arts.

But, um, what about food splatters? (Admit it, we’re not always the tidiest cooks in the world…)  And what about craning your neck around to try to see the screen? What about cluttering up your counter top with yet another gizmo, when your cooking space is already limited? 

The solution is clear… if you’ll forgive the pun. Protect your kitchen tablet from splattering batter while you cook with a clear plastic disposable iPad sleeve, then lift it up to easy viewing level on your lovely sleek clear acrylic under-cabinet-mounted rack.  It’s that simple, to use your iPad more effectively in the kitchen and keep it safe and clean, too.

Well, pictures speak louder than words:

Now, if you’re just looking for any good-quality low-profile iPad holder to use in the kitchen, to lift your tech up above the mess, there are a couple of minimalist Belkin models I like a lot – especially the Belkin fridge-mount version, very slick. Also, the guys at Kitchen Acrylics have a new swivel model, and that may be a close second to my fav Original – but it just came out in July 2013 and I’m not so familiar with it yet. (If turning your tablet at different angles is a deal-breaker for you, you might want to check it out.)

But I keep coming back to the “original” under-cabinet clear Kitchen Acrylics iPad rack for a couple of reasons. By making super use of that under-cabinet space that so often goes under-utlized, it’s a real space saver even when you’re using it – and the flat easel style means it will hold your old cookbooks, recipe cards and notes – even your smartphone – just as easily as a tablet, by the way.

Schematic diagram for The Original Kitchen iPad Rack and acrylic mountBetter yet, when you’re not using the Original Kitchen iPad Rack you can just slip it out of the holder and stash it out of the way until you need it again.

Can’t make up your mind where you want to put a holder, because you use your kitchen tablet in a couple of different places?  Easy-peasy, just pick up an extra mounting piece (sold separately, but cheap) and you can move the iPad holder around to different locations, depending on what activity you’re doing.  

Hey, how about one by your favorite armchair, for hands-free viewing while you need both hands to knit something fabulous? And another one in the lav, so you can catch up on the online news while you’re getting ready for work in the morning? OK, maybe I’m getting just a bit carried away now…

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