Sometimes the most simple ideas…

These birchbark tubes are just exactly what they say they are — tubes of genuine birchbark.

Slip one over an empty jam jar and you’ve got a really striking vase — or gather a group together, all the better to dress up a shelf or a mantel with casual garden flowers. And later in the season, I can see the natural birchbark playing well with a winter bouquet — sprays of fresh everygreens, with tiny dried flowers or miniature glass baubles &$8212; very festive!

Small Stump’s Etsy shop is all sold out of these now — and of course we can’t go around stripping the bark off perfectly lovely birch trees (it kills the trees, sadly) — but if you’re out at the old family camp and you happen to trip across a fallen birch tree, just lying there rotting away… well, it’s an idea to keep in mind, that’s all I’m saying.

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[via Oh Joy]

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  2. Colleen

    ooh, I love this idea! I’m eying my birch tree right now. Yes, it has some peeling bark that will work just fine…

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