decorative church birdhouse collage Decorative birdhouses are a pretty choice when it comes to garden ornaments — and you can let your imagination run free!

Painted Birdhouses

Cobble together a basic birdhouse shape with leftover bits of wood, if you’re handy in the shop, or pick up a plain wooden birdhouse for next to nothing at the hardware store craft section.

Try latex house paint for the broad strokes, with acrylic craft paints for fine details — like I used to paint my little church birdhouse — and finish it off with a coat of clear poly sealer to protect your artwork from the sun’s UV rays and the rain.

Stone & Mosaic Birdhouses

making a mosaic birdhouseFor a decorative birdhouse that’s even more unusual, what about stonework or mosaic? It’s a DIY craft project that’s much easier than it might at first sound, although not as fast as painting it.

Better Homes & Gardens has a good step-by-step tutorial for making a mosaic birdhouse, starting with a simple store-bought birdhouse as a base. You can pick up inexpensive damaged or broken tiles “for a song” (or for free) from hardware stores and kitchen design shops.

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Broken china is another option — check the yard sales and thrift stores for pretty china at a bargain price.

Stone mosaic lighthouse bird houseAnd if you’re feeling more ambitious, making a stone birdhouse is just one step more challenging than a basic flat-tile mosaic, well within reach of the average keen craftster.

Melissa (Pioneer Woman with a Cell Phone!) has transformed a four-dollar wooden birdhouse into a wonderful stone mosaic lighthouse, using small stone she bought at the dollar store. She gives good instructions to explain the process…

And wouldn’t it be fun to do this with stones picked up on a family cottage vacation? What a very personal piece of garden art that would be!

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