I first came across Laura Spector’s distinctive rustic furniture and garden accessories in Interior Design magazine, a few years back, and she’s been a regular feature in the house-and-garden glossies ever since.

You can pick out a Laura Spector original in a crowd, to be sure — with a lyrical design style “influenced by the rich and decorative 18th Century British Romantic tradition,” the graceful lines of each piece following “nature’s whimsy” with fine assymetrical balance.

Nowhere is the sophisticated rustic style more enchanting, I think, than in Laura Spector’s Balinese chairs, each with it’s own little sunshade attached.

She works with Oriental Bittersweet vine, a beautiful but invasive import that can kill shrubs and trees by strangulation.

In short, my work helps save our beautiful specimen trees while recycling the vines into a functional object of beauty. As such, my work has the distinction of being environmentally correct.

Two coats of oil-based wood preservative and a coat of polyurethane makes this handmade furniture fine for outdoor use. And it can be kept out in the garden year-round, in all but the harshest of climates.

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I love this stuff, and if I ever did manage to learn to make bent-trig furniture of any quality, this is absolutely the sort of light-hearted whimsical design I could only hope to dare to dream of eventually trying to pull off…

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  1. domestika

    Laura, I’m delighted that you’re pleased with my write-up. Your work is so exciting — the only hard part in sharing my enthusiasm for it… was choosing which line to feature first! (It was that pretty fringed parasol that tipped the balance.)

  2. Laura Spector

    Thank you so so much for posting my work on your cite.
    You did such a beautiful job of describing my work, I printed out a copy and I am going to save it (along with your bog cite) in my computer. You really got the sensibility- whimsical, romantic, lyrical- if ever I am stuck for words I will re-read your copy for inspiration
    Thank you again.
    Laura Spector

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