black and white pillows by LenkArtIf anyone tries to tell you that the classic black-and-white combo is anything less than visually fascinating… just tell them to take a peek at these:

  <<  The handmade Black & White Collection from LenkArt — and especially that lovely structural ‘Eclair’ style, with rounded corners and a covered button in the centre…
black-and-white Onley Make Believe pillow.jpg
Gerard Onley’s high-design pillows (Onley Make Believe) — this one is called ‘Edited Edition’ — about which I’ve raved a few times before…   >>  

black and white pillow by Ankasa   <<   This incredible hand-embroidered pilllow by Ankasa (h/t to the inspiring Jen at Juniper Designs for this find).

And have I ever mentioned seeing a pillow somewhere that was done up in a fine off-white cotton, just a simple square, with lines from a love poem (probably something by Browning) written across it in gorgeous copperplate penmanship, in indelible black ink?

I keep meaning to make one for the reading chair in the little room at the head of the stairs that I pompously call “my library”… or maybe for the guest room…

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Ah, good intentions!

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