Packing up your worldly goods to move house, or wrapping up a bridal shower gift — either way — you can raise a few eyebrows with Stella Bugbee’s extremely cool lace tape from Matter. lace tape

It’s packing tape, 2 inches wide, printed with a design of lace edging in either black or white. Plain paper will shine!

You can even make up some story about how you dipped the back of real lace in homemade epoxy that’s made from lavender petals and yeast extracted from Amish friendship bread, or you can admit it only cost you $10.

• Make a plain shoe-box into a decorative storage container?

• Dress up the edge of the shelves in your bathroom vanity?

• Girly-up your bicyle frame?

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Whatever creative and decorative uses you might find for lace-printed tape, thank Awesome! Sarah for this fab find.

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