modern romantic IKEA furniture slipcoverWhen I first wrote about this, a year ago, Canadians with sad old IKEA were out of luck… but times have changed, and now Bemz is delivering its made-for-IKEA slipcovers to Canada as well as the United States and Europe!

Do an IKEA Do-Over

Keep the cool Scandinavian mood, but move it one knotch upscale with fresh new fabric on that old IKEA upholstered furniture.

Now it’s possible to update a tired old “student digs” IKEA decor with a specially made slipcover in a range of fab upholstery options.

The entire line of Bemz slipcovers is machine washable and designed especially for IKEA furniture — even sofas that IKEA has discontinued.

IKEA sofa with slipcoverMixing and matching is encouraged, and Bemz offers several collections of patterns and colors, thematically grouped to cater to specific environments or personal styles.

  • The Modernist Collection: a tribute to the 50s, featuring clean lines and designs mixed with old fashioned “woven” textures.
  • The Antiquity Collection: an updated interpretation of old masterpieces. It’s romantic and whimsical with an old-fashioned feeling.
  • The Classic Collection: simple, pure colors and design in styles that will survive trends and seasons
  • The Downtown Collection: an urban look for the city dweller in your soul. A modern, fresh interpretation of stripes and floral patterns.
  • And, recently introduced, Bemz offers one-of-a-kind patterns created by the famous Swedish designer, Stig Lindberg.

I am particularly attracted to the “New Baroque” black and white pattern in a linen-cotton blend, fabric design by Katarina Wiklund… oh, heck, just give me the entire Modern Romantic collection!

Try before you buy

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The website lets you preview your fabric selection on any of the IKEA sofas or armchairs, and Bemz will also send out free swatches of any of their fabrics.

Bemz currently sells to a number of countries within the European Union plus Norway, Switzerland and — now — to the United States but unfortunately the slipcovers are not yet available for shipment to Canada and now to Canada, too.

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  1. Bev

    Me too…I have a Kevinge sofa…looking for covers label says made in Canada…I agree , they must be somewhere…

  2. rutanya

    I also got bad service from Ikea and would not buy another couch there. I bought 2 Kevinge couches and they also assured me that it would be no problem if I wanted to get slipcovers later. Now they of course do the I know nothing sermon. I hate Ikea.

    I also know they were made somewhere in Tennessee – because they came from there …does anyone know anything more….thanks

  3. rutanya

    I think it is nasty of Ikea to not help people with the kevinge slipcovers. When they were selling the couch Ikea assured me that they would have them and not to worry about getting an extra set. They have to be there somewhere. I think someone in Tennesse was making them for Kevinge couches – I know they had a lot of slipcovers in 4 different colors. They have to be somewhere but to talk to Ikea – they give no customer service. My couches are still good its the slipcovers that are getting used looking. I need new ones, maybe custom is the way to go but I know it will be a lot more money than the ones they had at Ikea. Too bad Ikea turns these couches over so quickly or at least offers no customer support…I would not buy another couch there.

  4. domestika

    Kim, I think your best bet would be to take those old Kevinge covers to a talented seamstress or upholstery shop and get them to make you a pattern, before they’re worn out completely – then you could have a new set of slipcovers made up from the pattern in the fabric of your choice. Because you’re right, commercial sources of Kevinge slipcovers are about as easy to find as teeth in a tadpole – which is to say, nonexistent!

  5. Kim Yamaguchi

    Seriously, what is it with the Kevinge?! I have only one, sad, worn set of covers and reeeeeeeally need to update. I can’t even find this on eBay!

  6. Deborah

    Me too! At purchase I bought both the red and the stone colored slip covers but the both need replaced. I looked at the bemz website but cannot find the kevinge series. Otherwise the couches are in excellent shape.

  7. domestika

    Hi Beth, I’m not familiar with the Kevinge sofa model. Best bet would be to contact Bemz and see if they can help you out, or, alternatively, to DIY.

    A couple of years ago, I posted an excellent article by Robin Hall that lays out the basics of how to make your own slipcovers, and it really is not as difficult as you might think! Especially with IKEA furniture, with its spare modern lines…

  8. beth whitty

    I am looking to replace the slipover on a discontinued ikea couch-it is the Kevinge sofa – can you help? Thanks, beth

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