Terra Cotta Pots DIY Bird Bath

This terracotta birdbath is truly quick-and-easy — and I don’t mean the kind of “quick and easy” that the overachieving Susie Supercrafter gals of the world always tell you a project will be. (Martha Stewart, I’m looking at you.)

You can make this in 5 minutes, seriously.

And that’s not counting the time that you spent (if you’re like me) daydreaming and wishful-thinking around the garden center, when you go just to pick up a couple of plain terracotta pots…

Instructions, courtesy of BHG‘s Country Gardens magazine – one of those faded back issues my grandmother has stacked up in her sunroom – couldn’t be more simple.

Overturn two different sizes of terra-cotta pots, stacking them in the garden. (A 12-inch pot atop a 16-inch pot works well.) Set saucer atop containers. Fill the basin with water to attract birds.

And that’s all there is to it!

In fact, I just whipped together one of these cute bird baths, last weekend, just a few hours before a bit of a neighbourhood get-together… you know, suddenly feeling that the garden was a bit past its best… and I tucked it in at the base of a spirea in full bloom. With a few pots of trailing petunias (Purple Wave petunias, to be precise) grouped around it, it looked like I even might have planned ahead and done this at the beginning of the season!

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