C’mon now, who hasn’t always wanted to have a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf?

I wrote a while back about a secret door bookshelf that you can buy to install as a unit, but for the true do-it-yourself home renovation geek, Gina at Lifehacker has spotted another version of this project.

Aussie blogger Simon Shea built a secret door into a shelving unit himself and documents the results with before and after photos.

Shea’s secret door doesn’t reveal anything more exciting than a utility closet, but that’s hardly the point — the guy’s definitely got the right spirit. To open the door, you tilt back a certain book… Sherlock Holmes, no less! Now, how perfect is that?

In response to the inevitable questions, he’s even been kind enough to explain (with diagrams and more photos) the workings of the special hinge that makes the secret door open when you move the right book.
Oh, I sooooo want it!

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  1. Anonymous

    Ok, I admit it. I’ve always wanted a secret bookshelf door – what reader hasn’t? Nice to know that I can easily find out how to make one. Of course, I would need space behind the door – so I’ll have to work on space creation first.


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