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Bunny Castle Lamp: Dark Fantasy Decor

Deitland Preiss bunny castle lamp
I don’t even know how to begin to describe the Deitland Preiss table lamp aesthetic.


Yes, but this particular fantasy owes more to those grim German fairytales that terrorize the dreams of small children than to a fluffy Disney-esque vision.

The Deitland Preiss grinning Pug With Velvet Bag lamp was entertaining enough, if somewhat dark — but here, the Bunny Castle lamp brings a whole new level of macabre humour into the realm of home decor.

It’s almost as if a mischief-making gremlin got into your old Auntie’s china cabinet and went wild with the glue gun, piecing together a practical art object that’s… well, so breathtakingly hideous, it’s a total must-have!

(Or it would be, of course, if I had a spare $2795.00 to spend at Unica.)

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  • domestika 2007/07/13, 9:55 am

    True, Franx Budi. I’ve had cars that cost less!

  • Franxbudi 2007/07/13, 4:37 am

    The design and model Om but the price is too expensive

  • domestika 2007/07/11, 12:04 am

    I sort of wish I’d designed it, Neena, but not sure I could live with it on my bedside table!

  • Neena 2007/07/11, 12:03 am

    Definitely a bit creepy.

  • domestika 2007/07/10, 9:49 pm

    My thoughts exactly, Anne — and what you can’t even see to ‘appreciate’ in those pictures are the truly mad fine details, like the little goat figure standing on the side, blinking his LED eyes!

  • Anne Maybus 2007/07/10, 8:07 pm

    Interesting, but not appealing! Quirky find, though.

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