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Mati Karmin bed made from old marine mines

It just doesn’t get any more Steampunk than this! Benches, armchairs, tables, beds, wood-burning stoves like something pulled from a Jules Verne story — even a baby carriage! The mine furniture of Mati Karmin, one of Estonia’s leading sculptors, is more than a felicitious marriage of invention and industry that makes you go “Wow!” (and call your significant other to… [read more]

recycled plastic bottle flower

Have you seen those fantasy faux-glass flowers made from recycled pop bottles? I mean the delicate fragile-looking twisty looking ones, like those the US-based artist Laura Astor) used to make.  Like this. (Note: these aren’t the Anthropologie-style of flowers that use the ends of the bottles. But there’s a great tutorial from Sonia at Kosmic Chai, if you’re looking for… [read more]

tombstone herb garden plant marker

Forget the traditional parterre Herb Garden, if you can’t keep herbs alive! Goths, ghouls, and any gardeners with a sense of humour about their plant-growing failures will enjoy a decorative Herb Graveyard instead. Penfold Merton, “UK-grown tinkerer” currently working as an Artist in Residence at the Instructables Lab, San Francisco, came up with the fabulous idea for faux tombstones amusing… [read more]

OutsaPop Trashion t-shirt hobo bag http://www.outsapop.com/2009/08/outsapop-trashion-t-shirt-hobo-bag.html

Want to keep the summer memories alive, but your fav souvenir T-shirt is past its “best before” date? With just a few basic sewing or crochet skills, you can “upcycle” that tee into a cool new purse or handbag, grocery bag, big soft tote… the possibilities are endless… Repurposed T-Shirt Market Bags Great for beginners, Deborah Schlegel’s market tote (shown… [read more]

Recycled denim pieced together to make a circle pattern quilt from old jeans

Think about all you’ve been through together, those great-fitting friendly old jeans and you. Who wants to just trash those favourite jeans, when they get beyond wearing? Check out these recycled-denim quilt pattern and tutorials for cool ideas… [read more]

Knit Your Own Dog knitting book

No dogs allowed at your digs? No worries! Thanks to British knitwear designers Sally Muir and Joanne Osborne — the clever chicks who created that famous bright red “black sheep” sweater sported by Princess Diana back in the 80s — you can knit your own faithful companion. The patterns in Muir & Osborne’s spiffy book, Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-to-Follow… [read more]

Multicolored wool in a basket

You think you’ve seen some truly disturbing crochet work over the years? If you haven’t checked out Patricia Waller’s works in crochet and other media, you ain’t seen what yarn + imagination is capable of. Chilean-born Patricia Waller, who now lives and works in Berlin, leapt to my notice with a 2009 art exhibition that raised eyebrows and spun headlines… [read more]