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Money origami - Dollar bill folded into a heart around a coin

Folding paper is always fun, and folded paper is always a welcome gift. As a last-minute Valentine’s Day flourish, why not show you cared enough to go to all the effort of learning a few new tricks with your hands? This clever origami heart with a bonus coin at its centre is the Kathleen Weller design called “Change in Heart,”… [read more]

Magnet in the shape of a Wookie holding a heart

Lookee here… It’s a heart-hefting Chewbacca, Bringer of the LOVE! This polymer-shaped, Sharpie-enhanced tribute to the Wookie of your dreams… [read more]

Colorful snake draft stoppers with ribbon tongues

Not everyone likes snakes, I know that — but here’s a little fellow who has a lot of appeal — to the eye, the ankles, and the bank account. The stuffed fabric “door snake” is a character-driven version of the traditional door draft stoppers, both energy-saving and fun. Those of us who live in old houses know all too well… [read more]

Hope s Birds crochet pattern by Akua Lezli Hope

Akua Lezli Hope’s dainty crocheted birds — peace doves — were inspired by the TikkunTree project , and she’s giving away this original crochet pattern because she wants to encourage its use by crafters in other peace projects…

Colorful tiny stars folded from strips of paper

Allow me to introduce the lovely and talented Ching Ya, a dear friend and social media geek with a delightful creative streak. Today, she’ll teach us how to fold our own paper stars in this photo tutorial. Enjoy! ~ Jen The Cute Little Stars Twinkle twinkle little stars How colorful and adorable you are… I’ve always loved them, it’s my… [read more]

Elvis theme decoupage russian nesting dolls

When I spotted this set of Elvis Presley Russian nesting dolls — you know, where you open the wooden doll shape to reveal a smaller one; open it and there’s a smaller one yet; and so on — it sparked all sorts of ideas! Decoupage, my friends! See, I knew you could get blank (unpainted) sets of Russian nesting dolls… [read more]

Blue Paper Snowflake free printable

This year, the holidays are going to be especially tough for a lot of families – so what better time to rediscover the true meaning of the season, sitting down with the kids to create new traditions of creative crafts? Here’s a round-up of wonderful ideas, free patterns, and tutorials for frugal holiday decorations that you can make yourself… [read more]