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Art & Crafts

Quilt Layout by designsbykari, on Flickr

If you've seen a zig-zag quilt, you'll immediately see the fascination. It looks like giant bands of rick-rack trim sewn into a quilt -- but really, the zig-zag effect is achieved with a series of triangles and a trick of the eye. Now, you might look at a zig-zag quilt and figure it's pretty straightforward… [read more]

Craft supplies to make a handkerchief bunny

Remember when hankies were made of fabric -- for every day use, not just "for show" or for special occasions like weddings? When I discovered the handkerchief craft tutorials at Bumblebee Linens, it was an instant trip down Memory Lane... As a small child, I learned to iron (a skill I seldom practice these days!)… [read more]

Romantic Star Wars cross-stitch

Crafter whateverjames loves Star Wars. Loooooves it. He's got the Star Wars requisite tattooes, sure -- but we're talking, like, name-your-kid-after-a-movie-character level of fandom. Yet, so great and earth-shaking is his love for his fiancee -- James actually sold off most of his Star Wars action figures to buy her an engagement ring. That be… [read more]

Money origami - Dollar bill folded into a heart around a coin

Folding paper is always fun, and folded paper is always a welcome gift. As a last-minute Valentine's Day flourish, why not show you cared enough to go to all the effort of learning a few new tricks with your hands? This clever origami heart with a bonus coin at its centre is the Kathleen Weller… [read more]

Magnet in the shape of a Wookie holding a heart

Lookee here... It's a heart-hefting Chewbacca, Bringer of the LOVE! This polymer-shaped, Sharpie-enhanced tribute to the Wookie of your dreams... [read more]

Colorful snake draft stoppers with ribbon tongues

Not everyone likes snakes, I know that -- but here's a little fellow who has a lot of appeal -- to the eye, the ankles, and the bank account. The stuffed fabric "door snake" is a character-driven version of the traditional door draft stoppers, both energy-saving and fun. Those of us who live in old… [read more]