My Chewy Granola Bars Recipe

If you’re a granola bar fan, like me, you’ve probably wanted to try making your own – something custom-made to your taste and a healthier choice than the sugar-laden commercial bars at the market.

No doubt you have figured out by now that most of the store-bought granola bars are not much better than candy or cookies, when it comes down to nutrition and counting calories. And let’s not even get into the issues of over-packaging, the mysterious ingredients with long scary scientific names, and the cost of buying those little snacks…

In short, I decided to start making my own.

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Save Your Berries From the Hungry Birds

While our friends Down Under are basking in gardening season, we in the Frozen North can’t see our gardens for snowdrifts… ah, but that never stopped a keen gardener from planning ahead for a new season’s harvest!

Me, I’m dreaming of sweet strawberries, fat gooseberries, tart white currants, raspberries bursting sweet on my tongue, blueberries hanging in dusty indigo clusters…


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