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Homemade Granola Bars

If you’re a granola bar fan, like me, you’ve probably wanted to try making your own – something custom-made to your taste and a healthier choice than the sugar-laden commercial bars at the market. No doubt you have figured out by now that most of the store-bought granola bars are not much better than candy or cookies, when it comes… [read more]

Dogs walking on tile floor in show ring

One of our dogs has decided that slippery floors — tile, laminate, hardwood, anything but carpet— are freaky and he’s walking over them like Bambi on ice! You know, all stiff-legged and trembling. And walking like that, the poor dog’s paws seem to slip all the more easily. My dog-trainer friend Carol suggested using something called Paw Wax which softens… [read more]

Quilt Layout by designsbykari, on Flickr

If you’ve seen a zig-zag quilt, you’ll immediately see the fascination. It looks like giant bands of rick-rack trim sewn into a quilt — but really, the zig-zag effect is achieved with a series of triangles and a trick of the eye. Now, you might look at a zig-zag quilt and figure it’s pretty straightforward to make — but it… [read more]

While our friends Down Under are basking in gardening season, we in the Frozen North can’t see our gardens for snowdrifts… ah, but that never stopped a keen gardener from planning ahead for a new season’s harvest! Me, I’m dreaming of sweet strawberries, fat gooseberries, tart white currants, raspberries bursting sweet on my tongue, blueberries hanging in dusty indigo clusters…… [read more]

The only thing as cool as a playhouse made of milk jugs is probably a cardboard castle that you can make yourself, then paint up in faux-stone effects to look like the real medieval thing! How to build a cardboard castle: First, get yourself 8 of those big cardboard boxes that refrigerators come in. Mr McGroovy (of www.mrmcgroovys.com) will tell… [read more]

With a cousin’s son headed this way to start college next week, we’ve got a couple of decorating challenges on hand. First, there’s Randy’s new dorm room — How to make a small space, shared with a roommate, into a comfortable, cheerful and efficient “home away from home” for the coming school year? That’s the decorating challenge, for sure. Secondly… [read more]