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Green tomato © DomestikGoddess.com

Growing up on the east coast of Canada, we frugally made the most of the garden harvest each year, right down to the last rock-hard green tomatoes left on the vine at first frost. It wasn’t until I grew up and moved away that I learned a whole chunk of the world has a completely different way to make fried… [read more]

Anyone can just grab a heart-shaped box of chocolates off the store shelf to give to their sweetie at Valentine’s Day or “just because,” – but here’s a truly inspired idea to win the heart of the chocaholic you adore. How about a bar of luscious Belgian chocolate, fancied up with your own special DIY combination of fruit, nuts, and… [read more]

Latte Art - My coffee’s design for the day at Fluid (by Don) by ~ggvic~, on Flickr

I’m getting moderately obsessed with latte art: watching it emerge from a pitcher of slowly poured milk, admiring the presentation, gasping in delight and wonder at the finished objet, and – more than anything – feeling a spark of hope for this old world. Because, it seems, our coffee shops abound with talented baristas for whom the not-so-simple act of… [read more]

frogs legs

Food is an adventure in science, as any intuitive cook well knows. But sometimes the science can get just a teensy bit weird, as in the Japanese seafood delicacy known as Odori-Don, or “dancing squid bowl,” a trendy variation on a traditional dish of Hakodate, Japan. If you haven’t seen the action-packed video, here you go — Dancing Squid Bowl… [read more]


Sure, you could go get yourself a fancy-schmancy garlic peeler — but there’s another way to get the skin off your garlic, fast and easy! What’s the secret to peeling garlic? For one single garlic clove, pulled from the papery skin of a whole head of fresh garlic, you just place the clove on a flat surface and press firmly… [read more]

Italian bread poster

Food Mystery! One of our readers has written in with a wonderful food mystery on his hands — there’s a certain almond bread he remembers from back in the 1970s, and he is hoping to find the recipe to share with his family. Now, I’ve run this question past a couple of food-savvy friends, and checked my own cookbook library… [read more]

my grandmothers old recipe book

My mother just gave me the old battered notebook in which my grandmother wrote down the recipes she collected through her married life. It is more than 70 years old, and the pages are crumbling away beneath my fingers… [read more]