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Homemade Granola Bars

If you’re a granola bar fan, like me, you’ve probably wanted to try making your own – something custom-made to your taste and a healthier choice than the sugar-laden commercial bars at the market. No doubt you have figured out by now that most of the store-bought granola bars are not much better than candy or cookies, when it comes… [read more]

Fred ABC Gingerbread Man cooie cutter set

You know it’s going to happen anyway. Before their little sugar-icing buttons have had time to set, at least one of those poor little gingerbread-man cookies is bound to lose his head. Or arm. Or leg. If you don’t drop one on his head on his way from cookie sheet to cooling rack (my specialty), someone is going to sneak… [read more]

hanging glasses

As the owner of a retired racing greyhound, and not being opposed to the occasional adult beverage, I was semi-thrilled to discover that there is an actual Greyhound Cocktail. Here’s a video to show you how to make it, and a note on why I can’t indulge…[read more]

Braising is one of my favorite cooking techniques. It’s a wonderful way to get a bunch of flavor into a dish and it’s really simple. The good news is that seitan, my favorite vegan meat replacement, with its firm texture, stands up to braising extremely well. Braised Asian Lemon Seitan recipe:

Cooking columnist Chris Perrin is back with another hot vegetarian / vegan recipe: “I have been on a real Cajun kick recently and for some reason, I cannot seem to stop making jambalaya. Since I’ve made it a habit to share my culinary obsessions on DomestikGoddess.com, I see no reason not to talk jambalaya! So today, we are headed to the bayou, but it will be a vegan bayou…”

Is there such a thing as a non-tasty shortbread cookie? We think not! But when you make these sweet delights with brown sugar and cinnamon… ah, that takes the classic shortbread to a whole new level of yummy. Shortbreads can be frozen in air-tight plastic containers, to be pulled out later when company comes over unexpectedly — but don’t count… [read more]

Comfort food! Today, our favourite food writer Chris Perrin offers a vegan version of the classic Reuben sandwich, along with a recipe for vegan Thousand Island dressing… If you’ve been following his tasty contributions here each month, you’ll know that Chris has a cook’s certification from the Kansas City Culinary Institute, writes for BIAO Magazine, food-blogs at Blog Well Done… [read more]