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Goddess Gear

Woman back view with stick on gold jewelry

Stick-on jewelry for grown-up women? Oh, hey, now there’s an idea! For those of us who love the look of an expert ink art but shrink from the actual acquiring of a tattoo, or wimp out when it comes to making a tough decision like where to get pierced, here’s an intriguing body-decoration option out of Italy. “The new frontier… [read more]

Nothing can jazz up a simple outfit like the perfect scarf — but how do you wear a scarf right? This quick instructional video shows you how to wear a scarf 25 different ways, enough fashion inspiration to take you through a month of work days … [read more]

Man and woman dancing in clothing of the WWII era

In general, it’s women’s fashion that changes so dramatically from one year (or one season, even) to the next. Men’s clothing is much more difficult to pinpoint in time, for most of us, than women’s clothing. One at-a-glance clue to nailing down the timeline on fashion is to look at the style of women’s hats, as well as the hemlines… [read more]

woman with diamond-encrusted contact lenses

Some fashion trends are just so ridiculous, they can’t possibly be allowed to pass by without comment and an eye-roll. What next? The new hot Bollywood fad could be diamond-encrusted contact lenses, if Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawanha has his wish. The contact lenses are constructed with gold rings around the irises, with thousands of dollars worth of tiny diamonds —… [read more]

Woman's hand with newsprint art fingernails

Can we talk about nail art for a minute? Okay, stick with me — you’ll like this. The lovely and talented Orlica, who is a self-confessed manicure fanatic — “polishaholic” as she says — brings us this step-by-step tutorial for newspaper nails that are everywhere right now. It’s newsprint as nail art, people! (I love this almost enough to wish… [read more]

If this cold weather keeps up, I’m investing in a Lippi Selk Bag. Laugh if you will, but I’m declaring a whole new Nordic fashion trend… padded comfort!

The Big Discount Store is apparently taking a lesson from history, which teaches us that women get girly when money gets tight. For £9.99, they’ll fit you out with this little 1950s-inspired number called the Red Recession Dress.