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Goddess Gear

You know how at the start of each year we all seem to resolve to be better? (For some reason — although some of us really don’t like resolutions! — it just happens!) We’re going to be greener, more frugal, more efficient, free of clutter and confusion, and just generally a better human being? Yeah. Well. I’ve got something like… [read more]

Part handbag, part animal (and I do mean, Animal… Do you recall the crazy-wild drummer from the Muppets Show? Like that) — here’s an accessory with a difference.

The only thing better than a lovely new handbag? It’s got to be a lovely new handbag that’s FREE! …So, how do you rank a chance to win one of 24 spiffy high-end handbags? To celebrate the launch of their new website, Handbag Planet is giving away 24 handbags in 24 hours on October 15th. Click on over there to… [read more]

Made you look! And well you might… Just look at these lovely bags — handmade in family-run workshops in Portugal, from recycled Virgin airline seat covers and other tough stuff. Limited edition bags, too, so you can feel special as well as virtuous: Only 2,000 Virgin bags have been made, recycling about 1,000 seat covers that were liberated to the… [read more]

Shampoo and coffee do not mix well. Not in a mug or in the mouth, anyway, although I’ve heard of brunettes who rinse their hair with strong coffee to enhance the colour… My point is — In a more perfect world, I’d love to figure out how to have that first essential morning cup of coffee and a refreshing wake-up… [read more]

It just feels wrong to criticize, when someone does something nice. In this case, the folks at Best Buy sent along a little REDI mp3 player for my Aged Mother to take with her when she went into the hospital, back at the end of June. Great idea, eh? Well, it was… sort of… My mother (yes, same one; I’ve… [read more]

This clever kit puts all the survival gear you need for camping trips or — more hazardous yet, dorm life! — into a space that’s only 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Better yet, that package is a shatter-resistant, leakproof, 32-ounce water bottle (with the lid on a loop so you don’t go losing it in the wilderness. The water… [read more]