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House Proud

Hockenheimer magazine or newspaper storage stools by NJUStudio

Stack up those glossy magazines you can’t bear to throw out, buckle them down with a pillow on a pale birch wood base, and voila! you’ve got extra party seating, plus a personal piece of art… [read more]

kuhn rikon auto safety master opener - green

The Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener may sound like something Wile E Coyote would order up, but this Swiss-design can opener is one safe, ergonomic and “just plain cool” kitchen tool… [read more]

folded fabric sheets - lilac with white dots

Fitted sheets are an invention of wondrous convenience when you’re making the bed, but not so much on laundry day! We’ve all got the one clever friend who really knows how to fold a fitted sheet — flip, tuck, fluff, fold, and hey-presto! Elastic corners are tucked out of sight, and the recalcitrant fitted sheet’s now a tidy little well-behaved… [read more]

Shower curtain

Soap scum and mildew are icky facts of life, and they just love a shower curtain.  Frugalistas refuse to toss out a shower curtain before its time and buy new, however, when it’s so easy to clean most of them. Fabric shower curtains can usually be laundered in lukewarm water and a gentle machine cycle — check the tag to… [read more]

Hand putting notebook into pocket on bed sheets

Can we forgive a semi-tacky website, if it’s showcasing a very cool product? Yep, when it’s NeatSheets –  “as seen on TV,” as the saying goes. And what the heck are NeatSheets, you may well ask? Fitted bed sheets with a side pocket! Two pockets, actually, with elastic at the top… a bit like some models of recliners are made… [read more]

guy drinks coffee alone

Less than two years ago I saw, I fell in love, and I bought – for close to $100 at the time, much more than it costs today because of course they dropped the price since then, darn it! – the sleek retro stainless steel Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker. Don’t make the same mistake! But let’s go back… [read more]

faux diamond napkin ring on rolled pink napkin

Faux works best when it’s frankly “over the top,” and these gaudy big faux-diamond-ring napkin rings are just too much fun. Think table decor for a bachelorette dinner, or an informal engagement party.