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The hard truth is, in the real world, every so often you just end up having to buy some beverage that comes in a plastic bottle.  Big family-sized pop bottles for a birthday party, for example, or a bottle of water when you’re stuck in an airport queue for hours on end. I don’t get many of these bottles, true… [read more]

Whimsical Cat Pedestal Birdbath

Spotted at Modern Artisans, just look at this whimsical cat theme birdbath! It’s a Don Drumm design, handcrafted in North Carolina. Although it is a true attention-getter as a birdbath, the pedestal and bowl are equally at home indoors or on a patio filled with fruit, candy or floating candles. The tripod base is fabricated in heavy galvanized steel with… [read more]

Battle Axe Garden Gnome

They’re back! Garden gnomes have been on the roller-coaster of popularity since they first popped up in the shade of a backyard birdbath, it would seem. Originally called der Gartenzwerg — good-luck charms used by the miners of Nuremberg — garden gnomes are said to have been introduced to England in the 1860s by Sir Charles Isham, an eccentric aristocrat… [read more]

tombstone herb garden plant marker

Forget the traditional parterre Herb Garden, if you can’t keep herbs alive! Goths, ghouls, and any gardeners with a sense of humour about their plant-growing failures will enjoy a decorative Herb Graveyard instead. Penfold Merton, “UK-grown tinkerer” currently working as an Artist in Residence at the Instructables Lab, San Francisco, came up with the fabulous idea for faux tombstones amusing… [read more]

white house with verandah

Who let the dogs out? It doesn’t matter! because… He Who Hogs The Power Tools built us this very lovely wooden pet gate for our back porch (or “verandah,” as we usually call it), so the dogs can hang out in comfort and safety, while we do yard work or whatever. So, the dogs are free to go into the… [read more]

Brass Monkey Freeze Indicator statue

Look, Ma – it’s a genuine Brass Monkey Freeze Indicator! Made of gleaming solid brass, this monkey stands six inches tall and comes with the necessary “anatomically correct” parts to test the winter weather. How fast it works depends on how cold it is… [read more]

My sister-in-law, the mad daylily collector, was among 2000 who rocked our local Run for the Cure this past weekend, to help to raise funds for breast cancer research. She’s one good reason why DomestikGoddess.com goes Pink for October — well, even more pink than usual. She also comes from a long line of photographers, and that’s where this next… [read more]