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Sharpen the blades, oil the wood, lubricate the moving parts, clean off the mud after using your garden tools, then store away carefully in a dry place to prevent rust… who has time for all that?

This clever kit puts all the survival gear you need for camping trips or — more hazardous yet, dorm life! — into a space that’s only 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Better yet, that package is a shatter-resistant, leakproof, 32-ounce water bottle (with the lid on a loop so you don’t go losing it in the wilderness. The water… [read more]

The first rose to bloom in my garden is Rosa xanthina f. hugonis, syn. ‘Father Hugo’s Rose’ — the golden rose of China, as it’s sometimes called. I just call it Father Hugo — like a comforting old friend. Every year this yellow rose surprises me with how very many buds appear on its long arching canes, how quickly the… [read more]

We have our Garden Giveaway contest winners! Email addresses of our 3 winners have been pulled from our usual Mexican basket-hat by He Who Hogs The Power Tools, and the lucky ones have been notified of their great fortune: Thanks to Comtech, a CatStop goes to JCF (who apparently has a very specific pesky stray cat in mind for discouragement)… [read more]

Ah, Springtime in the garden… from Wordworth’s dancing daffodils to Chaucer’s “grene and lusty May,” it’s all good — except for the harsh reality of garden pests. Slimey Slugs and Snails, oh my! Slugs and snails crawl into the garden at night, and leave their sticky slime all over whatever tiny bits of tender lettuce greens and flower petals they… [read more]

As those of you following the Canadian news (or my other River/Road post) may gather… we’ve had a spot of flooding, here in the St. John River valley of New Brunswick. And as I said yesterday,When Nature gets nasty, know what we do around here? We rush out and take pictures, of course. Especially those of us who live up… [read more]

Sweet spring in the garden, with all the fresh little green sprouts: it’s like heaven from now until harvest! Except for the harsh reality of garden pests. If pesky slugs, cats or quirrels are planting frustration in your lovely garden, my friends, this Garden Giveaway is the contest for you. 3 Great Garden Pest Control Prizes SlugsAway electronic slug and… [read more]