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So a luxurious Italian sports car to ride around in isn’t in reach of your pup-pampering budget? Join the club… Also, knowing my driving skills, if I had one I’d probably just roll it trying to negotiate the pet store parking lot, and then where would we be? Never mind — Shiba (the smallest of our family’s dogs) would happily… [read more]

A couple nights ago, I had this dream about my mother’s cat trying to climb the livingroom drapes (again). So, over breakfast, I gently suggested to He Who Hogs The Power Tools that he should design and build a nice scratching post tower thing for my mother. (Well, for her cat, obviously.) He heard me out, sighed, and went back… [read more]

white house with verandah

Who let the dogs out? It doesn’t matter! because… He Who Hogs The Power Tools built us this very lovely wooden pet gate for our back porch (or “verandah,” as we usually call it), so the dogs can hang out in comfort and safety, while we do yard work or whatever. So, the dogs are free to go into the… [read more]

Sleeping dogs

I’m probably not the only dog owner who has spent a ridiculous amount of time and effort on making sure her spoiled dogs are comfy. The best dog beds I’ve found yet – meaning the most practical and durable – are a couple I got about 8 years ago at the hardware store. Basically, they’re bags of chipped foam stuffing… [read more]

Dogs walking on tile floor in show ring

One of our dogs has decided that slippery floors — tile, laminate, hardwood, anything but carpet— are freaky and he’s walking over them like Bambi on ice! You know, all stiff-legged and trembling. And walking like that, the poor dog’s paws seem to slip all the more easily. My dog-trainer friend Carol suggested using something called Paw Wax which softens… [read more]

Christmas Dog in Santa Hat

You’ll never see a video like this one coming out of a dog training school in most North American cities. Rock out to the doggies’ Christmas surprise, thanks to YouTube, and then I’ll tell you why…

There have been so many lovely stories of dogs who’ve been helped by the dog boot pattern I scribbled out and posted when I had to make a quick set of winter boots for my greyhound, Casey — it’s really pretty heartwarming. Old dogs who slip on the ice… Dogs with injured paws in need of protection… Dogs with tender… [read more]