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If it broke you up to say good-bye to the Shiba Inu litter whose “Puppy Cam” webcam broadcasts stole hearts through the holidays, fear not — a new pooch passion’s here. Once again, we’ve got a chance to watch fuzzy adorable pups of exotic breeding as they romp and snooze and rip apart toys in the nursery — awaiting the… [read more]

Who says that dogs don’t appreciate art? Bodhi’s homage to the art of Matisse — the elegant Henri dog toy — is crafted in toothsome polyester canvas-backed suede, a dog-pleasing texture for hours of playful pleasure. A durable noise-making squeaker inside will amuse the dog, while your more sophisticated friends can admire the elegant (and yet, oddly bone-shaped) form inspired… [read more]

Home sewing fans know the satisfaction of making their own fashions. Now you can doll up your dog with the leftover fabric remnants, and set out in matching style!

If you’ve ever been owned by a cat, you’ll know what a charming pest a cat can be. Bored cats and the desks of busy people are (a) inevitably going to come together at some point, if there’s a cat in the house, and (b) not always a wonderful thing for productivity. My own habit of obsessively hitting the Save… [read more]

Kay Turple is a Canadian artist who makes amazing 3-dimensional dog portraits — all sorts of dog breeds, like this gorgeous fluffy Old English Sheepdog — working from your photographs to make a tiny true-to-life model in felted wool. How does Kay make her miniature pets? She gives an overview of the needle felting technique at KaysK9s.com, but simply put… [read more]

This just in from Amanda Nicole, our Girl in Vancouver: the Doggy Broom! With an aluminum handle that’s shaped like a dog leash in zero gravity, and a colourful plastic broom that vaguely resembles a small long-haired dog — dare we suggest that the Scopa Cane Doggy broom (ViceVersa) is the perfect household item for those pet lovers who are… [read more]

This greyhound of mine looks a bit embarrassed about having to wear his winter boots (a.k.a. “paw protectors“), doesn’t he? Don’t be fooled by that hang-dog look — when we go outside in minus-20°C weather (that’s, um, 4 degrees below 0°F for our American friends), the big guy’s whole attitude gets adjusted pretty quickly! So, when do you know it’s… [read more]