Nora Fleming serving pieces - sample table settingsImagine having a different festive platter for every special occasion… but your serving pieces take up next to no space in the china cupboard!

The secret? Just one platter will get you from Halloween to Birthday to Bridal Shower and beyond… if it goes in disguise!

Pick out an all-purpose serving piece — simple white tableware in a range of shapes and sizes — from, and customize it for any holiday or festive event with your choice of interchangeable decorations.

“Basically, you have one platter for every season, special event, or holiday, says Nora Napientek, creator of the Nora Fleming concept. “Then I have designed a bunch of “minis” that fit into a hole on the rim of the platter to change the entire look of the platter with one swap.”

It’s cool, it’s cute, it’s whimsical, and the whole idea is just so darned practical for those of us who are chronically struggling toward some state of household organization!

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“The idea was born of a need to get rid of half the stuff in my cabinets,” Nora confesses… and, uh, yeah, I know that feeling!

nora fleming bluebird mini

Right now, there’s a special offer on Nora’s chip-&-dip Party Platter — buy the extra large oval platter with matching ramekin, and the bluebird “mini” is free.

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