miniature Santa Clause house
Our fascination with all things miniature does seem to work overtime at this time of year. To feed that strange festive craving, here’s a Christmas dollhouse (it clearly belongs to Santa Claus and the Missus) that’s as detailed as anything in Christie’s ambitious Christmas village that I’ve mentioned with awe and wonder.

detail of miniature Christmas houseAs well as many many detailed photos of creations like this amazing miniature Christmas house, Kathy’s Miniatures also shows pictures of her tiny realistic display at various stages of construction.

The level of detail is breath-taking… secrets are revealed!

Santa Claus keeps a rubber ducky on the side of his bathtub! And his kitty steals the Christmas cookies right out from under the nose of busy Mrs. Claus… You can even sneak a peek at the “naughty and nice” lists. But what are the elves up to? Off rally-racing with the reindeer, maybe? That’s my question!

Kudos to Coffee and a Muffin for spotting this holiday treat.

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