polymer bead princessMichelle Zink packs good humour into every polymer bead she creates, from retro Flower Power beads to fairies and clown faces and jungle or farmyard critters.

You’ll find Michelle at home in a small coastal Oregon town with 2 dogs, 4 cats, 11 chickens & Petals, her goat (oh, and a couple of teenagers, too)… and you’ll find her original polymer creations on her website, Michelle’s Clay Beads.

Right now I’m crazy about the Chunky Princess beads from her Fantasy beads collection. And please don’t get me started on her silly bee beads, or those tiny polymer ice-cream cones…

Tie down your wallet, crafters! Yes, she does take custom orders.

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  1. kayellen

    Just stopped by to say hi! the darling article…what cute chunky princess:)


  2. domestika

    Anne, that would be lovely! :)

  3. Anne Maybus

    Wow! What a find. That is really cute. Do you mind if I link to your post at some stage?

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