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Modern Kitchen Design to Inspire a Clean Kitchen

There’s a lot to be said for the sleek European style kitchen designs — the “clean aesthetic” that favours flat surfaces, neutral colours, and a pristine countertop free of all clutter — but it can be hard to pull off in an open-plan home.

Real life has a way of leaving its traces… despite all our good intentions!

Stilll, there are tips and tricks we can swipe from the top kitchen designers to help get a bit more of that clean open minimalist look into a real family home’s real working kitchen.

Trend Ideas is showing a fabulous Leuschke kitchen, for example, that started out as the typical closed-off kitchen of the 1980s. The architect opened out the kitchen to the rest of the house — a much better fit for today’s family tends to live, now that Mom isn’t stuck in the kitchen like a character out of Happy Days — but still found some practical ways to keep the kitchen mess out of sight. The layout relies on a few cleverly placed partitions and frosted glass sliding doors to conceal the pantry and such.

One unusual feature is a simple frosted-glass panel on the long kitchen island — just enough to keep the sink area out of the sight-line of seated guests, but not high enough or solid enough to visually break up the wide-open spaces.

My own decorating taste runs more to the cosy-boho-vintage eclectic, to be honest. I’m not sure that I could personally enjoy an afternoon of baking in the midst of so much white laminate and so little colour, but that’s a small quibble… and it’s easy enough to introduce a shot of colour where it counts, without losing the look.

The key here, I think, is that even those of us with widely differing tastes can learn a lot — and find a lot of excellent ideas to swipe and adapt for use in other kitchen decor styles — by browsing photos of designer kitchens that do showcase the “clean aesthetic”: Ernestmeda and ALNO would be a couple of good starting points.

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  • Will 2008/08/31, 3:26 am

    I seem to remember seeing one of those frosted glass dividers once. Very weird. I wonder if I really did or is it a strange cse of kitchen deja-vu? I have always been a fan of an open unhidden kitchen. And one with some natural wood in there, somewhere.

    Thanks for your comment on my latest post. If those pots on the stove really did make you envious, I am glad I was using my old smaller ones for that project. The big stocks that I use for some things would have made you hate me! In this case each batch of tomato sauce was different. Some for pasta, some for dishes like eggplant and chicken and one for drinking, like soup. I know, weird, but I can drink olive good oil too. Must be my heritage.

    By the way, I love that photo and caption on this post!


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