Now there’s a color to conjure with!

Most years, by the time we get around to serious thinking of Halloween and Thanksgiving, I am almost incapable of associating the color orange with anything except pumpkins, autumn leaves, and the eye-popping safety attire of pheasant hunters who speed around the back roads in mud-spattered SUVs.

That’s always been orange to me.
That, and the interior decor of certain high-fat fast-food restaurants.

In short, a cheerful orange is nice enough in it’s place — outdoors, mostly! — but just not particularly appealing for a color to splash all over one’s home, haven, sanctuary, nest, refuge from the hectic highly-colored world.

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But — suddenly I’m seeing orange in a whole new light.

This ain’t your old rustic pumpkin!

It’s a rich burnt orange, unbearably chic with stark black and white…

It’s a sexy subtle persimmon, lush and comforting with lots of textured layers, embellished and embroidered, tone on tone…

It’s a crisp bright tangerine, defining the urban hip style when paired up with mirrors and stainless steel, grounded by dark-chocolate flooring, with maybe a faux sheepskin rug for casual comfort and warmth.

This season, orange has finally come of age, changed its tone, gone all exotic and spicey and global-village — like the boy-next-door who magically turned from nerd to hottie while you were away at summer camp…

And truly, that makes a big difference.

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