Here’s a dog-treat maker that I sure wish I’d found at the beginning of the summer, to give “my furry boys” a frozen ice treat on those scorching-hot days!

A fun way to keep your dog cool, properly hydrated, and happily occupied in hot weather, the reusable Cool Dogs Ice Treat Maker suspends your dog’s favorite treats in a block of ice that’s firmly held in place with an extendable, heavy-duty stainless-steel base.

Doggy popsicles!

The kit includes the base, a freezer bucket with a lid, an extension rod for mounting to the ground, and a recipe book for making your own dog treats.

Definitely a clever trick to keep in mind for next year…

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  1. Kaylie

    Or for giving youre dog water if she spills over her water dish in the yard.

  2. Mary Emma Allen

    Neat idea! We’ll have to keep this in mind for next summer

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