Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards (Jazinnovations) are made of NOMEX.

Never heard of NOMEX?

Neither had I, but apparently it’s a special material the whizz-science guys developed to outfit firefighters on the job, so we’re talking about some serious burn protection!

Ever bump up against the hot oven racks when you’re wrangling the cookware? Then a couple of guards might help. The guards fit all standard oven racks, and they’re washable too.

Snap on, snap off — too easy!

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An oven rack guard is not a replacement for an oven mitt, mind you, and the manufacturer warns that it can’t stand the heat of broiler or of a self-cleaning cycle… but for those of us who have a genuine talent for burning inner wrists and forearms when pulling hot stuff out of the oven, it seems like oven rack guards could be a real pleasure (and pain-preventer) to have in the kitchen…

Anyone tried these out in the real world?
I’d be quite keen to get a firsthand performance report, if you have experience to share.

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  1. domestika

    Isn’t it clever? I’ve got a permanent scar from oven rack burns, myself.

  2. Anne Maybus

    Oh yes! Now why didn’t I think of that? How many burns would it have saved me?

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