For a while now I’ve been looking around for a quilt stand. I may have mentioned my quiet passion for (old) quilts? Anyway, let’s just say they keep appearing in my life, one way or another… and by now I’ve got a few more quilts than beds to put them on.

quilt stand - Stephen Swift FurnituremakerYes, quilts do get a bit dusty when stored on a stand, out in the open, but the air circulation would be good for them (compared to their current stuffy home in a guest room closet) and at least I could enjoy looking at them.

But I didn’t really have any idea what it was I was looking for until this evening, when I found this graceful quilt stand by Stephen Swift Furnituremaker.

Most wooden quilt stands I’ve seen just feel very clunky to me, like something you should throw a saddle over. And most of the wrought-iron quilt stands are too delicate or too fussy, or they look more like something that should hold bunches of posies in a Victorian street market.

quilt stand - WestSideWoodShop.comStephen Swift’s quilt stand, it was love at first sight — but I don’t have to ask the price to know that it’s not in my budget.

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Close second would be this affordable replica of an old-fashioned folding quilt stand, in solid oak, from West Side Wood Shop. Reality is a fact, Life is full of compromises… and this feels like a realistic compromise compared to any other options I’ve seen in the past few years.

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