Each bag is individually cut and assembled by hand in the US from selected lambskin and cowhide with “an artfully chosen contrast lining to offset the leather color” — either rich raw silk or shimmery taffeta.

But here’s the key to this bag’s charm (beyond the rough trade trim, of course) — the key to the handbag’s integral handcuff is attached to the zipper, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it at an inconvenient juncture in the evening.

Way to avoid one of those embarrassing French Farce handcuff mishaps, and a potential YouTube moment in the public cloakroom!

Cuffz by Linz – Gash Spikes
$225 at 80s Purple

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  1. StaceyR

    Perfect for an evening in the city! Or when swanning about town with a handbag full of small unmarked bills.

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