Lady bugs, as you may know, can be a gardener’s best aphid-eating friend. I happily let the little darlings over-winter in my house, which just goes to show how seldom I vaccuum-clean the corners of the bedroom windows!

ladybug rug for child's bedroomLadybugs in the house? Why, yes

It’s a joy at the end of a long winter, to see those cute round spotted beetles come out to enjoy the spring sunshine. Okay, every so often one confused little red lady ends up doing the breast stroke in my tea cup — ah, it’s a small price to pay for the happy heralds of another gardening season!

But I know that not everyone is keen to share their home with real live insects, no matter how cute, no matter how beneficial they may be…

garden theme -applique sheer curtain panels for child's bedroomAnd that’s where a ladybug theme in home decor items comes in… like an easy-clean plush ladybug rug, or an appliqued sheer organdy curtain sprinkled with colourful springtime images of ladybugs, flowers, and butterflies (both at

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A natural theme for a child’s room, or a kitchen, or a sun room… totally in tune with the trend to “bring the outdoors in” and embrace all things natural.

With a ladybug theme, you get all the whimsical joy of sharing space with ladybugs — but the actual beetles themselves can stay outdoors in the garden!

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